I have recently received some information about the proposed development of 441 Beams Road, Fitzgibbon for an Educational Facility (Catholic High School, grade 7-12). While I recognise the need, and support the provision for additional educational facilities, I hold serious concerns about the lack of community consultation this development will receive.

Developments of this size and complexity should be carefully assessed with consideration given to potential impacts on the local area. Normally, these developments would be assessed by Brisbane City Council with key factors such as traffic impacts, infrastructure requirements, waterway and wildlife corridors in mind. As it has been proposed, this will not be the case as the applicant is seeking a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID). In short, it seeks to remove Council from the process with no ability to assess the plans and removing the process for residents to voice any concerns. This is similar to the process that was used to impose the Carseldine Urban Village (CUV) development on residents by the State Government.

Fast tracking a development of this nature should not occur without adequately addressing the existing issues that are already impacting residents, specifically the Beams Road open level-crossing and the significant lack of commuter parking at Carseldine Train Station. These issues will be exacerbated in the near future with the progression of the CUV development which will introduce thousands of additional residents into the immediate vicinity.

Fitzgibbon Chase was a development that was undertaken by the State Government, which has since been handed to Brisbane City Council for maintenance. Following this, Council has and continues to undertake works in Fitzgibbon Chase to ensure the infrastructure meets Council’s standard.

In seeking a MID for this site, it ultimately and unnecessarily removes the ability for Council to review, assess and provide guidance on the impacts that will be experienced by the community. Most importantly, it also removes the right for residents who will be at the forefront of any impact, the ability to express their concerns. This is particularly alarming given the strong community sentiment that was voiced following the announcement of the Carseldine Urban Village. This is another development being fast-tracked and imposed on residents where their concerns will not be individually assessed and addressed.

I have been advised the pre-engagement period closes on Wednesday 7 August, 2019. While I understand this is a tight window of opportunity, I encourage you to ensure your voice is heard, view the plans and email your view to planning@dtsqld.com.au.